Our Team


Jacqueline Valenzuela

Jacqueline’s family has deep roots in integrative healthcare: the wisdom of herbalists, midwives, chiropractors, pharmacists, and nurses is woven through generations. Since she graduated from the University of San Francisco, Jacqueline has carried on her family's caregiving tradition, working as a frontline substance abuse counselor, a Medicare program administrator, and the manager of a busy chiropractic practice. During the five years she worked for one of San Francisco's largest public health nonprofits, she managed data collection and analysis for 17 diverse programs, supported the design and implementation of a complex electronic health record system, and oversaw the agency's contract compliance and quality assurance processes. Jacqueline has extensive medical billing experience and is a member of AAPC.


Rachel Valenzuela-Ours

Before she enrolled at National Midwifery Institute in 2016, Rachel balanced full-spectrum doula work with full-time positions in several nonprofits. As a community organizer, she helped to found a grassroots political advocacy organization and lobbied legislators to expand and secure access to reproductive healthcare. As a grant writer, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund various arts, education, and healthcare initiatives. Rachel holds a bachelor's degree in Women & Gender Studies and a master's degree in Integrative Health Studies. She is a student midwife and a member of AAPC.



Jennifer Ross

After spending many years in the corporate world overseeing projects with daily budgets of more than a million dollars, Jennifer committed herself to learning the healing arts. She received her master's degree in Midwifery from Midwives College of Utah, and is licensed in both California (as a Certified Professional Midwife) and New Hampshire (as a Certified Midwife). Jennifer's practice, Lionheart Midwifery, serves the seacoast of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. She brings a solid financial and business management background to Cohosh, as well as an insider's view of midwifery. Jennifer is a member of several midwifery organizations, including MANA, NACPM, CALM, MMA, and NHMA.