Services & fees

Verification of benefits

$40 for first insurance plan, $25 for each additional plan

Gap exception requests and appeals

$40 per request/appeal

Prenatal, birth, postpartum, global perinatal, or facility fee claim preparation and submission


Well-person or lactation care claim preparation and submission


FSA, HSA, or HRA invoice preparation


Claim follow-up


Client payment plans and collections


Verification of benefits (VOB)

Verifying benefits gives you and your clients a realistic expectation of coverage, which helps to determine the best options for payment.

When we call insurance companies to verify benefits, we know the right questions to ask to find out:

After your client completes the client information form and submits payment, we’ll verify their benefits and send a report that clearly explains their coverage.

If your client is covered by two or more insurance plans, they’ll specify in the client information form which plan is primary and which plan is secondary/tertiary/etc. Coordination of benefits between multiple insurance companies often lengthens the claim processing time.

Gap exception requests and appeals

A gap exception allows a client with exclusive provider organization (EPO), health maintenance organization (HMO), or preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance to receive services from an out-of-network provider at an in-network rate. We charge a flat fee for the preparation and submission of a gap exception request or any necessary appeals.

Claim preparation and submission

Whether you’re submitting a claim for birth center facility charges or for prenatal, birth, postpartum, or global perinatal care, we charge the same fee ($90) to prepare a claim, scrub it for errors, and submit it for payment. Please keep in mind that a home birth can create two claims (one for the birthing person's care and one for the baby's care), and a birth center birth can create up to four claims (one for the birthing person's care, one for the baby's care, one for the birthing person's facility fee, and one for the baby's facility fee).

We charge a flat $40 claim preparation and submission fee for well-person or lactation care.

We submit provider and subscriber claims to insurance companies, healthcare sharing ministries, Medicaid, and TRICARE.

Claims are submitted within three business days of the date we receive the applicable claim preparation and submission fee and the information necessary to create a claim. Midwives and birth centers share this information by giving us access to their electronic health record system, or by completing a superbill we customize for their practice. When you fill out the provider and practice information form, you can tell us which option works best for you.

FSA, HSA, or HRA invoice preparation

We also prepare detailed invoices for clients’ flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). As with insurance claims, invoices are prepared within three business days of the date we receive the $90 preparation fee and necessary information, which is shared via electronic health record system access or completion of a customized superbill.

Claim follow-up

After a claim has been submitted, we can investigate its status and, if necessary, the process for submitting reconsideration requests or corrected claims.

Client payment plans and collections

We can work with your cash-pay clients to arrange payment plans, send invoices, process payments, and make payment reminder calls when necessary. Our in-house collections work balances compassion and persistence without harassment. When payments are made, we can deposit these funds directly into your bank account.

We don't charge


Setup fees

Approximately half of the midwifery billing services we surveyed charge $200 to $500 to “set up” your practice with their clearinghouse. Our fees accurately reflect our cost of doing business, so there’s no need to tack on additional fees.

Monthly minimums

Some billers charge a monthly minimum fee to cover the times their clients’ practices experience a lull. If your practice isn’t making money, we aren’t either. We only charge for the services we provide, never more.